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Oct 2019

ESIA Submission: ESB Post 2025 Market Design Issues Paper, Sept 2019

National Electricity Market(NEM) energy customers are paying more because market design lags major developments in demand side. ESIA submission recommendations to the Energy Security Board Post 2025 Market Design Issues Paper, 4 Sept 2019: Incorporate emissions reduction and maximimse demand side contribution into the National Electricity Objective.Long-term interests of customers… Download

Aug 2019

ESIA Submission: CCA Consultation Paper July 2019 - Updating previous advice to meet Paris, 23 Aug 2019

The ESIA made a submission in response to the Climate Change Authority (CCA) Consultation Paper July 2019 - Updating the Authority previous advice on meeting the Paris Agreement. The ESIA continues to advocate for: the CCA’s previous position to introduce a NESS as soon as possible. (Refer to Towards Next… Download

Aug 2019

ESIA Submission: ESS Annual Rule Change, 23 Aug 2019

The ESIA made a submission in late August to the NSW DPIE regarding the ESS Annual Rule Change 2018-2019. A public consultation forum was held on 9 August. In general, this Rule change opportunity is considered ‘minor’, with major changes to be considered in future annual rule reviews, or in… Download

Jun 2019

ESIA Submission: REES Review 2019, 27 May-19 June 2019

The ESIA made a submission to the Review into the REES: Issues Paper April 2019 - Strategic direction of REES after 2020. The submission stated that the REES needs to be converted to a market-based scheme and its target significantly increased and extended to 2030, with three-yearly target settings. Only… Download

Dec 2018

ESIA Submission: VEU target setting 2021-2025, 14 Dec 2018

This ESIA submission recommends that the VEU target be converted to a percentage of electricity and gas sales from 2021 and be increased progressively to 10 per cent of electricity and gas consumption by 2030. This would be an increase from the current 2020 target of 6.5 million tonnes of… Download

Aug 2017

EECCA Submission - Compliance and Enforcement Policy, 18 Aug 2017

As part of a consultation process by the ESC, in a submission on 18 August 2017 the EECCA raised the concern that the VEU draft policy is seriously deficient in natural justice around appeals against VEU compliance and enforcement decisions by the ESC. In short, the ESC is placed in… Download

Aug 2017

EECCA Submission - DELWP Commercial Lighting Discussion Paper - 18 Aug 2017

EECCA welcomes the government's consideration of the significant oversupply situation and examination of changes to avoid potential damage to industry participants. EECCA member businesses do look for reasonable certainty in order to make investment and some have raised concerns around unexpected potential intervention. Download

May 2017

EECCA Submission: Aust Govt Review of climate change policies discussion paper May 2017

The EECCA is advocating for: energy efficiency schemes across Australia and national scheme by 2025; increased targets and expansion and extension of existing energy efficiency schemes in Victoria, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory  and South Australia; introduction of energy efficiency schemes in other jurisdictions: Queensland, Western Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania; harmonisation of… Download

Mar 2017

EECCA Submission - Finkel Review of the NEM, 3 Mar 2017

This submission calls for a more balanced approach to the National Electricity Market (NEM) with energy efficiency, energy productivity and demand management. Recommendations include mobilising proven energy efficiency schemes across Australia and a national scheme, inclusion of demand side activities in these schemes (or a Demand Management Incentive Scheme DMIS)… Download

Feb 2017

EECCA Submission ESS Rule Consultation Dec 2016

This comprehensive submission addresses a range of considerations including: General ESS Rule; Project Impact Assessment with Measurement and Verification Method; Metered Baseline Method; and Deemed Energy Savings Method. As well, Addendums are provided regarding: Energy Consumer Co-Payment $5 Rule; Modified Luminaire - LED Linear Lamps; HEERS Lighting; Sale of New… Download

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