Abbreviations by jurisdiction (as at 2 March 2022)

ACT - Australian Capital Territory
EEIS - Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme
EPD - Environment and Planning Directorate (Environment Dept of Sustainability and Climate Change, ACT Government) (EEIS administrator and regulator)

NSW – New South Wales
ACP – Accredited Certificate Provider
CLF - Commercial Lighting Formula
DPE – Department of Planning and Environment (formerly DPIE and DoE, responsible for Safeguard including ESS and PDRS policy framework)
EEAP – Energy Efficiency Action Plan (Aug 2013)
ESC – Energy Savings Certificate (ESS tradable white certificate)
ESS – Energy Savings Scheme (scheme name)
ESS Rule Change (occurs annually)
GGAS – Greenhouse Gas Reduction Scheme (no longer operating)
HEERS - Home Energy Efficiency Retrofits (method)
IPART – Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (ESS administrator and regulator)
ISTMT - In Situ Temperature Measurement Test
LM84 - Nine montaging test
M&V – Measurement and Verification (method)
MB – Metered Baseline (method)
OEH – Office of Environment and Heritage ( part of DPE previously responsible for ESS policy framework)
PIAM&V – Project Impact Assessment and Verification (method)
PDRS - Peak Demand Reduction Scheme
PRC - Peak Reduction Certificate
RESA – Recognised Energy Savings Activity
RPA - Recognised Peak Activities
SONA - Sale of New Appliances (method)

Qld - Queensland
QREEP - Queensland Renewable Energy Expert Panel

SA - South Australia
DEM - Department of Energy and Mining (responsible for scheme policy framework)
EEP - Energy Productivity Program (announced 13 Dec 2016)
ESCOSA - Essential Services Commission of South Australia (REPS administrator and regulator)
PHT - Priority Household Target (a legislated percentage of the REPS)
REES - Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (superseded by REPS 1 Jan 2021)
REPS - Retailer Energy Productivity Scheme

Tas - Tasmania
TCCO - Tasmanian Government Climate Change Office

Vic - Victoria
AP - Accredited Person
DELWP - Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (responsible for scheme policy framework)
ESC - Essential Services Commission (VEU scheme administrator and regulator)
ESI - Energy Saver Incentive (another name for the VEU)
PBA - Project Based Assessment (method)
Sched 34 - Schedule 34 - Commercial lighting (activity)
VEET - Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (scheme name)
VEEC - Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificate (VEET tradable white certificate)
VEU - Victorian Energy Upgrades program (VEET scheme rebranded)

ACCU- Australian Carbon Credit Unit (tradable unit under the ERF)
CBD - Commercial Building Disclosure Program
CER - Clean Energy Regulator (ERF regulator)
DAP - Direct Action Plan
DoEE - Department of Environment and Energy
E3 - Equipment Energy Efficiency Program
EEO - Energy Efficiency Opportunities Program (no longer active)
EIS - Emissions Intensity Scheme (not launched)
ERF - Emissions Reduction Fund (commenced 13 Dec 2014)
ERT - Emission Reduction Target (Australia’s 2030 ERT)
ETS - Emissions Trading Scheme
GEMS - Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards
ILAC - International Laboratory Accreditation Program
MEPS - Minimum Energy Performance Standards
NABERS - National Australian Built Environment Rating System
NEG - National Energy Guarantee
NEM - National Electricity Market
NEPP - National Energy Productivity Plan 2015-2030 (launched 4 Dec 2015)
NESI - National Energy Savings Initiative
NSEE - National Strategy on Energy Efficiency 2009 (inactive)
NVLAP - National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program
RET - Renewable Energy Target
SP – Scheme Participant (under the ERF)

IPCC- Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
COP - Conference of the Parties

General Terms

AEST = Australian Eastern Standard Time
DER - Distributed Energy Resources
DO - Direct Obligation
EEO - Energy Efficiency Obligation
OP/LP - Obligated / Liable Parties (parties liable to purchase certificates to meet their annual obligations - energy retailers)
RIS - Regulatory Impact Statement
ROI - Return On Investment
TBA - To Be Advised
TBC - To Be Confirmed
TWG - Technical Working Group
WC – White Certificate (tradable energy efficiency certificate)

Units of Measure

CO2-e - carbon dioxide equivalent
CRI – Colour Reducing Index (in relation to lighting)
GJ - Gigajoule
GWh – Giga Watt hour
Htz - Hertz
lm - Lumens
m -million
M2 – square metre
Mt – Mega tonne
Mt CO2-e - Mega tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent
MW – Mega Watt
MWh Mega Watt hour
NPV - Net Present Value
p/a - per annum
TWh – Tera Watt hour
UV – Ultra Violet
v – volt
w – watt

LED - Light Emitting Diode
CFL - Compact Fluoroscent Lamp
HVAC - Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning
ELT - Emerging Lighting Technologies
MH – Metal Halide

Other glossaries
Product abbreviations can be found in the registries of the relevant scheme websites.

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