National Carbon Bank of Australia

National Carbon Bank of Australia

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National Carbon Bank of Australia (NCBA) is an AP under the VEU, an ACP under the ESS and a Registered Project Participant (RPP) under the ERF. NCBA specialises in providing product and solutions providers with all forms of energy efficiency certificates. 

NCBA works extensively in the commercial and public/street lighting space and has widespread experience in meeting the needs of small and large business as well as local and state government agencies. 

NCBA employs in-house certified measurement and verification professionals to manage the sophisticated requirements of data centre energy efficiency upgrades and of energy efficiency projects of all building services upgrades (including chiller, refrigeration, BMS upgrades, lighting) utilising measurement and verification in commercial, government and industrial sites. NCBA co-ordinates the entire claim process; collecting baseline measurements and producing consumption profiles, managing the implementation of the ECM claim, calculating upgraded energy savings and, finally, generating and monetising energy savings certificates for our clients. 

NCBA is an Associate Member of the Energy Efficiency Council.

NSW: Tel 02 9939 5559, Suite 106, 20 Dale Street, Brookvale NSW 2100. VIC: 03 8510 4271, Suite 35, Building 4, 195 Wellington Street, Clayton VIC 3168.

The EECCA representative, and EECCA Vice President is: Jo Hoatson, Managing Director, National Carbon Bank of Australia.

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