ESIA is a Fluorocycle Advocate

Encouraging recycling of waste mercury-containing lamps

Fluorocycle - reducing mercury waste

Energy efficient lighting installation is the largest activity undertaken by the certificate-based energy savings schemes operating in Australia.

As part of the ESIA Code of Conduct commitment to Integrity and Excellence in Service Standards, the ESIA is a Signatory (Advocate) to the Fluorocycle Program. The purpose of the voluntary program, overseen by the Lighting Council of Australia (LCA) on behalf of the Australian Government, is to increase the national recycling rate of waste mercury-containing lamps.

The ESIA Board encourages ESIA Members to consider signing up in whatever capacity is appropriate. ESIA members that are FluoroCycle Signatories at 29 July 2019 include:

  • Commercial User – Ecovantage, Aussie Greenmarks
  • Facilitator categories:
    • Advocate - Aussie Greenmarks, Ecovantage, Energy Conservation, Energy Makeovers, Greenbank Environmental, National Carbon Bank of Australia, The Green Guys Group and Wattly;
    • Collector - Aussie Greenmarks, Energy Conservation, National Carbon Bank of Australia, LEDified, Ozwide Group, The Green Guys Group; and
    • Contractor - Aussie Greenmarks, Energy Conservation and The Green Guys Group.

To apply, visit Fluorocycle.

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