Scheme achievements and status

Scheme achievements

Achievements of energy savings schemes in Vic, NSW, SA & ACT*

> 2.3 million households and businesses have participated
> 5 million energy-saving upgrades so far
> 5 million MWh of electricity saved annually
> 5 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions avoided
> 4,000 jobs supported
> $1 billion of customer bill savings annually

These schemes have delivered an average annual reduction of total electricity consumption of almost four per cent.

Energy savings schemes could do much more if expanded, extended and introduced across Australia.

* Figures by ESIA based on: annual reports of schemes, regulatory impact statements and registries; EECCA Energy Savings Schemes Report, 11/17: Table 4 - targets 2009-2029 metrics conversion to MWh, p 14 using figures from 2009-2017, and electricity consumption of each state in 2017. Assumptions include: allowing for deeming provisions, 1MWh of electricity avoided delivering 1 tonne of greenhouse gas abatement and bill savings based on an average of $0.20c/kWh.

Status of schemes

The ESIA website provides relevant links and basic information about each of the energy savings schemes operating in Australia. (Click on each jurisdication listed in the side bar.)

The ESIA provides monthly updates on energy savings schemes in ESIA Bulletin.

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