Invitation to join

Accredited certificate creators and traders, product and service suppliers and key stakeholders are invited to join the ESIA to:

  • enhance the ESIA’s capacity to influence certificate creation opportunities, scheme deliverables and certificate creation standards;
  • share the responsibility and recognition as a leading voice in the industry;
  • have timely access to industry information and factors impacting developments; and
  • engage in networking opportunities with peers and stakeholders.

Member categories and fees

Membership categories are tiered to reflect the size and resources of the organisation and the benefits derived from membership.

  • Members are obliged to abide by the ESIA Constitution and sign the ESIA Code of Conduct which aims to uphold high standards in the marketing and delivery of energy efficiency services to consumers.
  • Member is generally based on certificate creation activity annually and based on the past three months, non-creators need to join as Corporate members.
  • The Board has the right to determine membership categories.
  • Membership may be suspended or cancelled in accordance with ESIA Rules and Code.

Member benefits

Please refer to the ESIA Membership Application Form.

To apply: please complete the Form, scan and send to

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