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Alitsy is an end-to-end software platform provider. This service is used by most of the top accredited certificate providers, electrical contractors, wholesalers, product manufacturers and financing providers for collaborating and delivering commercial and residential lighting, solar, heat pump and other energy-efficiency projects eligible under the largest energy savings schemes in Australia.

Alitsy delivers customised solutions and really understands the every-changing energy efficiency industry, reducing system input costs and providing valuable insights, expertise and attention to detail.

Alitsy founder Anton Loukine has been working in the energy-efficiency industry since 2015. In addition to founding Alitsy, Anton worked as the general manager and chief information officer for The Green Guys Group. For over 10 years prior to this, Anton worked as a chief investment officer and managed over $4 billion in assets using computer algorithms and a portfolio management system that he developed.

The ESIA contact for Alitsy is Anton Loukine, Founder.

34 Bon Accord Avenue
Bondi Junction NSW 2022

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