Inspired Green

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Inspired Green provides households and businesses with energy efficient solutions and rebates on accredited energy efficient appliances in both Victoria and NSW under the Victorian Energy Upgrades program and the NSW Energy Security Safeguard including the Energy Savings Scheme and Peak Demand Reduction Scheme.

Installations include hot water heat pumps, air conditioning, in-home displays, refrigerated display cabinets, water-saving shower heads exchanges, lighting, and draft proofing / weather sealing upgrades.

Inspired Green provides a seamless experience for customers to ensure quality and maximise rebates. Inspired Green partners with accredited certificate creators and installer businesses including registered plumbing and electrical service providers.

Inspired Green
10.01, 3 Bowen Crescent
Melbourne VIC 3004

All queries, contact:
Inspired Green
Tel 1300 664 474

The ESIA contact is Michael Slunsky, General Manager of Inspired Green.

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