ESIA Board & Exec

ESIA Board & Exec

The ESIA Board of Directors is elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. Any Sponsoring, Corporate or Associate Member may put forward a nomination.

Rod Woolley, President

Rod Woolley (BIT, MProfAcc, MAICD) is Chairman of Cyanergy, Solar Emporium and Smart Lifestyle Australia. Also Managing Director of Yellow Door Consulting, Rod has many years of experience in the energy efficiency and renewable energy industries, and energy regulation. He was formerly a key member of the management group that founded and administered the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) Scheme, renamed the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program in mid-2017, with particular responsibility for administrative and legislative policy, approval of energy efficient products and stakeholder relations. Rod has a deep understanding of other energy efficiency initiatives around Australia including the state-based and state-administered: NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS), ACT Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme (EEIS), the SA Retailer Energy Productivity Scheme (REPS); and the national Renewable Energy Target (RET) and Emissions Reduction Fund both administered by the Clean Energy Regulator (CER). For many years, Rod worked as a journalist with the ABC, BBC and Financial Times of London. He also lectured in law and communications at the University of New England and University of Canberra.

Hamish McGovern, Vice President

Immediate past President of the ESIA, Hamish McGovern (BE Elec, BSc, MBA) is Managing Director of Northmore Gordon, a large-volume certificate creator under the VEU program and a consultancy helping large businesses to decarbonise and reduce their energy use. Hamish has worked in energy efficiency since 2011 and regularly participates in energy savings scheme stakeholder engagement initiatives. He has a deep understanding of the VEU, ESS and ERF deemed and Measurement and Verification (M&V) methods as well as the regulations and compliance requirements. Prior to Northmore Gordon, Hamish spent 20 years building enterprise IT & ICT solutions working in software development, IT infrastructure, sales, marketing and product management.

Ric Brazzale, Treasurer

Ric Brazzale (B Comm, MBA) is co-founder and chairman of Green Energy Group including Green Energy Trading, Green Energy Markets and National Carbon Bank of Australia. Ric is president of the Renewable Energy Certificates REC Agents Association. He has participated in all State Governments’ initial advisory committees or processes for the development of energy efficiency schemes and has participated in Federal advisory committees in relation to energy efficiency. Ric was Executive Director of the Business Council of Sustainable Energy, the forerunner national peak body to the Clean Energy Council. He has more than 30 years of energy sector experience including a range of senior roles within private energy sector and infrastructure companies. Ric was inducted to the Australian Solar Council Hall of Fame in 2016.

Ben Henderson, Secretary

Ben Henderson (B Comm) is co-founder and Managing Director of The Green Guys Group and Director of OptiTech International. For over a decade he has focused on delivering energy efficiency, renewables, power purchasing agreements and micro-grid solutions for the Green Guys. Through the development of unique and vertically integrated solutions, the Group has delivered projects across 8,000 sites nationally. Ben has been involved in energy savings schemes since 2010, participating in many stakeholder engagements for the ESS, VEU and REPS and has engaged in the ERF. Green Guys Solar, a subsidiary, is a member of the Clean Energy Council and OptiTech is a member of the Lighting Council of Australia.

Stuart Edgley, Board member

Stuart Edgley is the Managing Director and founder of Emerald Group, including Emerald Planet, Emerald Energy, Emerald Home and Emerald Alarms. Since Emerald Group’s inception in 2006, the company has successfully designed, manufactured and distributed millions of energy-efficient products, ensuring quality outcomes for customers and end-users. Stuart and his team have extensive knowledge of Australia's energy-efficiency markets, product installation processes, compliance requirements, and the evolving needs of customers. This has made Emerald Group one of the largest and most successful suppliers of products across national and state-based energy-efficiency schemes in Australia.

Jens Mozer, Board Member

Jens Mozer (B Eng (Mech), MIEAust, CMVP, CEM, CEES) is a Director at EC Focus Pty Ltd trading as Energy Conservation, a trusted provider of energy and waste management services to commercial and industrial sectors across Australia. Jens is a qualified mechanical engineer, licensed air conditioning and refrigeration technician, approved Measurement & Verification Professional (MVP) under the ESS and VEU, accredited NABERS assessor, and has been delivering energy services in Australia for over 13 years. Jens graduated from Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and worked at Cummins Holland before moving to Australia in 2009.

At Energy Conservation, as well as being on the board of directors, Jens is responsible for advisory and M&V activities, delivering professional services including energy audits, ratings, energy management systems (EnMS) services, and M&V projects. Jens is a member of the Institute of Engineers Australia.

Leigh Simpson, Board Member

Leigh Simpson (BBus) is a Director of Lakin Consulting which works with service providers, asset owners and product manufacturers to develop participation opportunities within energy efficiency programs.

Leigh has been involved in the energy sector for more than a decade and is a regular and active contributor to working groups and program consultations with the intention of strengthening certificate programs, creating genuine abatement and fostering industry engagement. Lakin Consulting is also a member of the Energy Efficiency Council.

Prior to Lakin Consulting, Leigh was a director and general manager of an AP/ACP company focused on supporting large commercial clients through energy efficient upgrades in both Victoria and NSW. Leigh has served on the ESIA Board since May 2022. He devotes attention to the VEU and ESS programs, particularly regarding new activity development, to ensure that new and revised activities are introduced to provide opportunities for ESIA members, AP/ACPs, energy service companies and product manufacturers.

Jessica Lynch, Executive Officer

Jessica Lynch (BBusComn) is Executive Officer of the Energy Savings Industry Association, responsible for general management of the Association. Jessica mobilises advocacy including policy and regulatory affairs, and manages member services and media. Jessica has decades of experience in communications and stakeholder engagement working as part of leadership and multi-disciplinary teams and diverse businesses. Jessica has worked with industry associations, blue chips, governments and authorities, small-to-medium enterprises, not-for-profits and start-up projects. She has worked with the ESIA Board since 2015 after the VEU and ESS were expanded and has worked in energy, energy efficiency and sustainability periodically for more than 25 years. Jessica is the editor of the ESIA Bulletin and ESIA publications. She was founding editor of EcoGeneration Magazine (launched when the RET was legislated) while working with the Australian Cogeneration Association and Australian EcoGeneration Association, forerunners to the Business Council of Sustainable Energy and the Clean Energy Council.

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