ESIA Board

ESIA Board

The ESIA Board is elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. Any Corporate or Associate Member may put forward a nomination. The current Board commenced in November 2017.

Hamish McGovern, President

Hamish McGovern (BE Elec, BSc, MBA) is Managing Director and cofounder of Wattly which is the largest certificate creator under the VEU program. Hamish has worked in energy efficiency since 2011 and regularly participates in energy savings scheme stakeholder engagement initiatives. He has a deep understanding of the VEU, ESS and ERF deemed and M&V methods as well as the regulations and compliance requirements. He understands the commercialisation of these and regularly makes submissions to government consultations. Prior to Wattly, Hamish spent 20 years building enterprise IT & ICT solutions working in software development, IT infrastructure, sales and marketing and product management. He helped build Australia’s largest online service providers, spent 10 years working for a large Silicon Valley based business and as global product manager brought to market their first cloud-based solutions. Hamish is a founding contributor to the Climate Council and supports Environment Victoria and the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

Ben Henderson, Vice President

Ben Henderson (B Comm) is Managing Director of The Green Guys Group. He has been involved in energy savings schemes since 2010 and has focused on LED lighting and its development with state and federal programs. Ben has over 20 years of experience in commercial enterprise.

Ric Brazzale, Treasurer

Ric Brazzale (B Comm, MBA) is the co-founder and Chairman of Green Energy Group, Green Energy Trading and Green Energy Markets and is President of the REC Agents Association. He has participated in all State Governments’ initial advisory committees or processes for the development of energy efficiency schemes and has participated in Federal advisory committees in relation to energy efficiency. Ric was Executive Director of the forerunner to the Clean Energy Council, the Business Council of Sustainable Energy. He has more than 30 years of energy sector experience including a range of senior roles within private energy sector and infrastructure companies. Ric was inducted to the Australian Solar Council Hall of Fame in 2016.

Rod Woolley, Secretary

Rod Woolley (BIT, M ProfAcc) is Managing Director of Yellow Door Consulting P/L. Rod has many years of experience in the energy efficiency industry and energy regulation. For nearly nine years up to 2017, Rod was a key member of the management group that founded and administered the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) Scheme. He had particular responsibility for administrative and legislative policy, approval of energy efficient products and stakeholder relations. Rod has a deep understanding of other energy efficiency initiatives around Australia including the state-based and state-administered: NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS), ACT Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme (EEIS), the SA Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES); and the national Renewable Energy Target (RET) and Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) both administered by the Clean Energy Regulator. For many years, Rod worked as a journalist with the ABC, BBC and Financial Times of London. He also lectured in law and communications at University of New England and University of Canberra.

Bruce Easton, Board member

Bruce Easton (B LandUsePlan&Mgt/Dev), (M EnvPlan), (Dip Sec&Invest) (immediate past President of the ESIA) is the Chief Executive Officer of Ecovantage and a board member of the Energy Efficiency Council. Bruce has over 30 years of experience in business as a management consultant, program manager and business analyst for major utilities as well as more than a decade in environmental consulting and energy efficiency market-based schemes. Bruce has participated in many stakeholder engagements for all Australian state-based energy efficiency schemes, has participated in the Emissions Reduction Fund Technical Working Group (Commercial Buildings) and The National Energy Savings Initiative Advisory Group.

Stuart Edgley, Board member

Stuart Edgley is the Managing Director and founder of Emerald Planet, one of the largest lighting companies that operates within the energy savings schemes across Australia and and in international markets. He has been at the forefront of the carbon abatement market in Australia since 2005 with comprehensive experience in abatement schemes nationally, in business development, product development and sourcing. Stuart represents the ESIA on the National Lighting Energy Efficiency Advisory Working Group.

Jo Hoatson, Board member

Jo Hoaston (B Econ) is Managing Director and founder of National Carbon Bank of Australia. Jo has over 20 years of experience in business-to-business capability having worked in procurement, contract management, systems implementation, and project management in construction and quality systems for publicly listed corporates and SMEs. Jo has an in-depth and practical knowledge of the certificate creation lighting methods as well as measurement and verification methods under the ESS, VEU and ERF. Jo is an active participant in a number of committees and consultation groups for state governments and ESIA on policy and industry matters.

Chris Mardon, Board member

Chris Mardon (BE Mech (Hons), PhD) is the Founder of Energy Mad. Chris has set the strategic direction of Energy Mad. This includes the product development, manufacturing and marketing of LED EcobulbTM projects to electricity and supermarket chains as well as negotiating these agreements in Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America.

Chris represents Energy Mad on the National Lighting Energy Efficiency Advisory Working Group which includes New Zealand.

Prior to Energy Mad, Chris established himself as a leading manufacturing executive securing senior management roles in paper tissue, automotive and plastic film facilities. His leadership resulted in world class performance being achieved by several large production lines as part of the Hygenex paper tissue site, for which Chris received the New Zealand Institution of Professional Engineers Young Engineer of the Year 2002. In the athletic arena, Chris was 1995 NZ Marathon Champion in his only attempt at the distance.

Mark Ploenges, Board member

Mark Ploenges is the founder and Managing Director Business Development of Ozwide Group. Mark founded Ozwide as an electrical contracting firm in 2006 and the company now services blue chip commercial and industrial clients across Victoria. Mark has spent over 20 years in electrical services in the field and in management and has worked in energy savings schemes since 2009.

Roy Zandona, Board Member

(Profile coming soon)

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