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Jun 2020

VEU 2021 target set by default - COVID-19, 3 June 2020

The Victorian government has decided to keep the 2021 Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program target the same at for 2020 (by using a default mechanism in the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) Act). This is instead of releasing the 2021-2025 targets as anticipated by 31 May, the reason being due…

May 2020

ERF could better support energy efficiency - King review, 19 May 2020

The Energy Savings industry Association (ESIA) is encouraged by the Australian Government response to recommendations which could better support energy efficiency projects as outlined in the King review report released today. Energy efficiency upgrade projects are often upfront capital intensive and require complex methods. “The ERF has to date been…

Apr 2020

COVID-19 recovery energy upgrade stimulus more than a sugar hit, 14 April 2020

Targeted fiscal stimulus for households and businesses to undertake much needed energy efficiency upgrades will rapidly stimulate the economy and deliver long-term benefits. This approach will deliver much more than a short-term sugar hit as part of any well-considered COVID-19 recovery plan, according to the Energy Savings industry Association (ESIA)…

Jan 2020

Peak heat: more efficient and ‘smarter’ air con needed now, 31 Jan 2020

Right now Victorians need Government support to install more energy efficient and ‘smarter’ air conditioners so they can keep them on and stay cooler on super-hot days like today and yesterday when temperatures are soaring to 41-45 degrees Celsius. Air conditioning makes up a significant portion of increased electricity demand…

Dec 2019

Victorian energy savings scheme target increase to 2025, 5 Dec 2019

The ESIA welcomes the release yesterday of the Victorian Energy Upgrades program Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) for target setting from 2021-25 which indicates the most ambitious targets since the program’s start in 2009. The cumulative impact of the favoured option will avoid 40.6 mega tonnes (Mt) of emissions in Victoria…

Nov 2019

NSW Energy Savings Scheme extending to 2050 with peak demand reduction scheme, 22 Nov 2019

The ESIA welcomes the announcement today by NSW Energy and Environment Minister Matthew Kean that the NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) will be expanded and extended to 2050 with a more ambitious target increasing gradually up to 13% by 2030. Customers will save $40 a year on bills. The ESS…

Oct 2019

Victoria’s energy savings scheme kicking climate goals, 4 Oct 2019

Victoria’s energy savings scheme continues to kick significant goals saving more than 6.4 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions in 2018 which brings the total to almost 52 million tonnes of abatement since the scheme started in 2009. Households that undertook approved lighting, water heating, refrigeration and other upgrades that…

Sep 2019

Ward off blackouts with demand reduction scheme, 27 August 2019

“The forecast blackout threats for this coming summer in Victoria could be avoided with a highly targeted, aggressive demand reduction air conditioning upgrade program rolled out over several months. In addition, air conditioners could be turned off during critical peak times using Demand Response Enabling Device (DRED) capacity,” said the…

Mar 2019

NESS 10% target by 2030 saving energy 4.5 times Liddell output, 25 March 2019

Analysis released today: a NESS could deliver energy savings from both electricity and gas equivalent in electricity terms to 4.5 times the annual output of the Liddell coal-fired power station scheduled to close in 2022. This is based on a NESS target saving 10% of electricity and gas consumption by…

Feb 2019

Energy efficiency a $7.7 billion, 120,000-job opportunity for Australia, 8 Feb 2019

Improving the energy efficiency of Australian homes and businesses would slash $7.7 billion a year off energy bills and create the equivalent of 120,000 full time jobs, a new report has found. The Energy Efficiency Employment in Australia report, commissioned by Energy Efficiency Council (EEC) and Energy Savings Industry Association…

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