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Dec 2023

VEU needs urgent tweaks for deliver Vic gas substitution sooner, 14 Dec 2023

Urgent tweaks to the flagship Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program are needed to deliver Victoria’s gas substitution roadmap updated today. “We commend the Victorian government on its gas substitution leadership with the devil in some details to unlock the energy efficient appliance upgrade transformation needed over the next few years…

Jul 2023

Victoria bans gas in new homes, peak demand support needed, 28 July 2023

Today’s move by the Victorian government to ban gas in new homes from 1 January 2024 and immediately ban gas for new public buildings is a huge step forward. The state’s burgeoning population demands new housing stock including public and social housing. We need an equally monumental move for 8…

Jun 2023

Victorian Energy Upgrades program protection & expansion needed, 22 June 2023

Today’s announcement by the Victorian government to ban high pressure sales tactics under its Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program is welcomed by the peak body representing businesses that participate in delivering that state’s energy efficiency target to 2030. A consultation on the ban will commence within weeks including telemarketing. “This…

May 2023

Federal budget won’t transform on energy efficiency - 10 May 2023

The $1.6 billion committed in the federal budget may deliver energy efficiency upgrades to a few hundred thousand households. But what Australia needs is a National Energy Savings Scheme (NESS) that mobilises industry to drive millions of household and business upgrades. This much-needed transformative measure will address the biggest barrier…

Oct 2022

Vic must accelerate gas-to-electric upgrades - 21 Oct 2022

Crippling bill pain will thump households and businesses relying on old gas water and space heating as the gas shortfall predicted by the Australian Energy Market Operator hits Victoria next winter, unless the Victorian Government dramatically accelerates financial incentives for energy customers to switch from gas to electric appliances before…

Apr 2022

Taylor revokes ERF commercial & public lighting method: no consultation, no transition period, 8 April 2022

Poor public policy practice has left leading energy efficient lighting and environmental certificate creation businesses in the dark. The federal government has not provided a transition period as part of their announcement yesterday that commercial and public lighting upgrades would no longer be eligible for Australian Carbon Credit Units under…

Mar 2022

Proposed national energy transformation plan delivers on climate with efficiency first, 17 March 2022

A proposed national energy transformation plan (NETP) published today will deliver on climate by increasing existing targets and expanding existing market-based mechanisms. It’s not hard, nothing new, can largely be lifted from NSW’s shelf and the key deliverables are obvious. Key deliverables: have a plan; increase the emissions reduction target…

Oct 2021

Dominoes fall toward net zero Australia & NESS raises her head, 11 Oct 2021

A 180-degree pivot from the Business Council of Australia (BCA) with its report released on 9 October supporting a net zero emissions target along with detailed commitments from its members as to how they will contribute, plus supportive coverage from previously lukewarm mainstream media, is the best climate action news…

Sep 2021

NSW 50% by 2030 emissions reduction target, 29 Sept 2021

Slam dunk from NSW with 50% by 2030 emissions reduction target announcement that got full cabinet support due to modelling proving jobs and investment. “The Federal Government has 51 days remaining until COP26 in Glasgow where Australia must face its reckoning with international trading partners and shoot a decent hoop…

Sep 2021

NSW peak demand reduction scheme launched, 28 Sept 2021

In a national first, the NSW government today launched its peak demand reduction scheme (PDRS) with a target of 10% by 2030, supporting that state’s pathway to net zero by 2050 and strengthening energy reliability and security. “The PDRS is a vital new lever that could be ramped up further…

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