About ESIA

About ESIA


The Energy Savings Industry Association (ESIA) is the peak national, independent association representing and self-regulating businesses that are accredited to create and trade in energy efficiency certificates in market-based energy savings schemes in Australia. These activities underpin these schemes which facilitate the installation of energy efficient products and services to households and businesses. Schemes may also reward peak demand reduction, demand response and load shifting. ESIA Members represent most of the energy efficiency certificate creation market in Australia. Members include product and service suppliers to accredited providers within the schemes. Energy savings schemes are established in Victoria, NSW, SA and the ACT. The ESIA represents member interests across Australia that support energy efficiency such as the Federal Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund and other local initiatives. The Association was established in 2009 when the first energy savings schemes were established in Australia (first named EECCA and rebranded ESIA on 3 July 2018).

Member types

Membership is available to organisations that are:

  1. accredited certificate creators and traders in Australia;
  2. product and service suppliers to accredited providers within the schemes; and
  3. key stakeholders (eg government and non-government agencies and academic institutions with an interest in energy efficiency).

ESIA purpose - advocate for energy savings schemes' growth

The ESIA advocates that market-based energy savings schemes in Australia:

  • be expanded and extended to all jurisdictions, with targets increased and harmonisation critical across schemes;
  • address market barriers, empower customers, reduce customer bills and deliver cost-effective greenhouse gas emission reductions;
  • stimulate investment in new, and more, energy efficient technology, jobs and skills; and
  • maximise benefits to consumers.

ESIA objectives

. Promote and represent the interests of members;

. Engage and work with members, governments, scheme administrators, regulators and other stakeholders to:

  • improve and promote the integrity of energy efficiency markets;
  • improve schemes processes, rules, monitoring and compliance, industry performance and best practice by agents;
  • address issues affecting the industry and the implementation of energy efficiency activities generally;
  • provide information about the cost and effectiveness of the schemes and energy efficiency in general; and
  • maintain high levels of community confidence and political support.

. Raise membership funds to support other objectives.

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