ESIA Code of Conduct

ESIA Code of Conduct


The ESIA Code of Conduct aims to ensure high standards are met in the marketing and delivery of energy efficiency certificate creation and related services by ESIA Members to energy customers and other Members.


An ESIA Code of Conduct was developed and issued when the Association formed in 2013 and was signed by the founding members. Since the extension and expansion of schemes across Australia by late 2015, the Code is periodically updated in consultation with members and key stakeholders including regulators. The latest ratified update was published on 17 December 2020 and is supported by ESIA Best Practice Guidance documents.

Code Supporting Statement

All ESIA members are Code Signatories and as such abide by the Code Supporting Statement:

“Our organisation is a Signatory to the Energy savings Industry Association (ESIA) Code of Conduct. The ESIA is the peak national, independent association representing and self-regulating businesses that are accredited to create and trade in energy efficiency certificates in energy efficiency schemes in Australia. As a Code Signatory we are committed to ensure high standards are met in the marketing and delivery of energy efficiency services to customers. In the first instance, to lodge a complaint against our organisation with our organisation, based on the content of the Code, please call our general enquiries telephone number. If you are not satisfied and believe we have breached the Code, you can then lodge a complaint with the ESIA. Details of how to make a complaint using the ESIA Code Dispute Process can be found at"

Code Signatory Logo

Only ESIA members are entitled to use the ESIA Code Signatory Logo.

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