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Emerald Group (formerly referred to as Emerald Planet) is a leading Australian-owned designer, manufacturer and distributor of smart technologies.

Since inception in 2006, Emerald has aspired to enable Australia’s sustainable and safer future through the products it produces. Emerald supplies progressive energy-efficiency product solutions approved in government abatement schemes in Victoria, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory and South Australia, and internationally.

Emerald's understanding and involvement in energy efficiency has resulted in millions of its products being installed across residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

Emerald's product range spans LED and emergency lighting, hot water heat pumps, energy management systems, HVAC, weather sealing, water-saving shower devices, in-home smart devices and smoke alarms.

Emerald, as the manufacturer, controls the design, build, certification and warranty of its products. The Sydney-based product development team designs Emerald's products locally, with each piece of componentry selected for quality and performance. The QA processes in Emerald's manufacturing facilities are above and beyond general manufacturing standards. Each product undertakes rigorous screening before being packaged and shipped. Emerald's exceptionally low fault rate is testament to its quality and assurance processes, as Emerald's local team identifies and eliminates any early-stage product challenges.

As Emerald continues to innovate and operate at the forefront of energy-efficient technology, the Emerald team supports, guides and remains committed to successful customer outcomes and the formation of long-lasting relationships.

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The ESIA representative, and ESIA Board Member, is Stuart Edgley, Managing Director, Emerald.

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