Lakin Environmental

Associate Member

Lakin Environmental works alongside scheme participants, asset owners and product manufacturers to utilise energy market incentives to achieve sustainability and commercial objectives.

Lakin Environmental provides quality, objective advisory support specific to its clients' requirements with services including:

  • energy program accreditation support (VEU, ESS, PDRS, CER etc);
  • executive briefing and analysis of energy market incentives;
  • incentive discovery and eligibility assessments;
  • business case assessment and commercialisation support;
  • product registration and procurement;
  • project coordination and upgrade management;
  • installation support – training, procurement, audit;
  • certificate trading support;
  • net zero advisory, carbon accounting;
  • regulatory compliance support for scheme participants;
  • technology advisory services; and
  • embedded consulting.

Tel 03 9448 2316

Level 17, 31 Queen Street Melbourne VIC 3000

The ESIA representative is Leigh Simpson, Director, Lakin Environmental. Leigh is an ESIA Board Member.

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