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Dec 2020

ESIA Submission - Climate Change Bill for Australia, 4 Dec 2020

The ESIA strongly supports the Climate Change Bill for Australia and recommends that is be fully supported by the Standing Committee and be recommended for support by the House of Representatives as soon as possible. The Bill is well considered and will provide an overarching framework of certainty and confidence…

Dec 2020

ESIA Submission - VEU Proposed evidence requirements 34 (high bays), 30 Nov 2020

The ESIA does not support a range of the proposed new requirements for evidence of: baseline lighting configuration (non-J6 only); and decommissioning and recycling of lighting equipment. More practical approached are needed.(PDF ESIA Submission)

Nov 2020

ESIA Submission: NSW IPART ESS Draft Customer Charter, 23 Nov 2020

Relevance, robustness, fairness, measurability, transparency and best practice benchmarking are crucial factors for a successful IPART ESS Customer Charter. The charter framework requires: A stated commitment by IPART to deliver on the Charter as without this there will be no imperative to follow through and develop a best practice feedback…

Sep 2020

ESIA Feedback: NSW Targeted Consultation Workshop - Lighting in the ESS, 29 Sept 2020

Feedback summary: The ESIA provides below some key considerations which we strongly encourage the NSW Government take on board to ensure lighting is not too rapidly phased out of the ESS, and while continuing to enable incentives for the significant pool of opportunity for lighting upgrades that are ‘additional’. If…

Jul 2020

ESIA Submission: Proposed REPS Consultation - June 2020, 17 July 2020

Content summary 1. Change of objectives welcome 2. Bolder steps needed toward market-based framework 3. REPS costs unclear 4. Targets to 2030 at least 5. Target size to increase threefold at least 6. REPS Obligation – broader base welcome 7. Greater transparency of information including contracts, as proposed, between retailers…

Jun 2020

ESIA submission: Energy Security Target and Safeguard Consultation, 22 June 2020

Executive Summary Eight key response themes 1.Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) targets from 2021-2030 need to be increased sooner with an immediate step up from 2022 and with the 13% target to be reached by 2026, well before the proposed 2030 date. Otherwise large ESC surpluses will continue, and the ESC…

May 2020

ESIA Submission: ESS Review 2020 - Draft Statutory Review Report, 20 May 2020

Key components of the ESIA Submission: ESS meeting objectives and still validESS needs a new administratorESS audit regime needs to be streamlinedESS needs to streamline PIAM&V activities: ideas to reduce risks and costsKey principles to drive method development and maintenanceFurther opportunities: new activities and methods(PDF)

Feb 2020

ESIA Submission: VEU Lighting Activities Issues Paper, 27 Feb 2020

The ESIA opposes all propose options in the VEU Lighting Activities Issues Paper.(ESIA Submission PDF)

Jan 2020

ESIA Submission: RIS VEET Amendment Regulations 2020, Jan 2020

The ESIA would prefer a more ambitious target, Option 5 over Option 4, which would be achievable with: extended lighting, a priority household target and streamlining of project-based methods. (ESIA Submission PDF)

Jan 2020

ESIA Submission: VEU Lighting Activities Issues Paper, 31 Jan 2020

As a priority, the ESIA seeks a strong continuation of commercial lighting through to the end of 2025 and does not accept either proposed phaseout option 1 or 2.

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