Proposing a National Energy Transformation Plan, 17 March 2022

The ESIA proposes a National Energy Transformation Plan (NETP) in this briefing paper outlining federal election 2022 opportunities.

Strategic Direction: Accelerate and reboot established, proven mechanisms and programs to transform Australian energy markets, equipment and services, and address urgent climate change need immediately.

21 Key Deliverables

Highlights: have a plan; increase the emissions reduction target to a science-based 60% by 2030; expand renewable energy; roll out a national energy savings scheme, peak demand reduction scheme, fuel switching incentives, renewable fuels production target all modelled on NSW Energy Security Safeguard. In addition, lower baselines for large emitters under the Safeguard Mechanism; expand the Renewable Energy Target to include battery storage; include more energy efficiency methods under the Carbon Farming Initiative; and ensure the National Electricity Market post-2025 design shifts to a more balanced focus on demand-side as well as supply-side opportunities. All these deliverables will provide more resilient, reliable and secure energy infrastructure and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

See what votes will get under the plan, and how voters will be empowered with cleaner energy choices.

(PDF Plan, Media Release)



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