ESIA Submission - VEU Refrigerated Display Cabinets Issues Paper, 19 Aug 2021

The ESIA’s recommendations focus on some key challenges listed below.

  1. Review the NSW ESS proposed Rule change consultation outcomes on RCs and align the VEU approach.
  2. Lower the baseline for RCs as the average efficiencies in the database will be higher than the average product being installed for two reasons:
    • the majority of products being purchased will be the lowest cost units and hence lowest efficiency; and
    • self-report testing and registration under GEMS will result in some inaccuracies (inflation of the efficiency of RCs).
  3. Allow RCs registered under GEMS 2020 to be claimed throughout 2021 once the new Specification is released.
  4. Use a common lifetime of 12 years for RCs to avoid incentivising larger cabinets (which consume more energy) to be installed in preference to the right sized cabinet.




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