ESIA Submission - Climate Change Bill for Australia, 4 Dec 2020

The ESIA strongly supports the Climate Change Bill for Australia and recommends that is be fully supported by the Standing Committee and be recommended for support by the House of Representatives as soon as possible.

The Bill is well considered and will provide an overarching framework of certainty and confidence for industry to invest and for policy makers at all levels of government in Australia (federal, state and local) to deliver on significant initiatives to reach the prescribed target.

However, energy efficiency needs due consideration and reference as it drives gashouse gas emission reductions at low cost.

Key recommendations:

  1. ESIA strongly supports the Climate Change Bill - with consideration for energy efficiency
  2. ESIA recommends that at least one Commission member has experience in delivering energy savings through energy efficiency.
  3. Voluntary action should be excluded from targets.
  4. Prompt and transparent meeting agendas and reporting are essential


References to the Climate Change Bill 2020:



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