QLD energy savings scheme on the table with thousands of local jobs, 13 July 2017​

Queenslanders could benefit from the raft of rapid energy savings that can be accessed by a local energy savings scheme, as will be considered by the QLD Government according to its Climate Transition Strategy, released by the Department or Environment and Heritage Protection on 11 July 2017, and backed by key ministers.

“It is great to see the Queensland Government on the front foot with its commitment to consider an energy savings scheme as part of its mix of measures to complement its 50 per cent renewable energy target by 2030 and its ambitious target of zero net emissions by 2050,” said Energy Efficiency Certificate Creators Association (EECCA) President Mr Hamish McGovern.

“We have seen that energy savings schemes are the only mechanisms in Australia, apart from solar PV, which are actually delivering their emissions reduction targets. These schemes are consistently over-delivering on their targets and at lower than expected cost. They are delivering technology transformation and uptake that would not otherwise happen because of ongoing market barriers.

“Thousands of future-focussed jobs will be created with a market-based energy savings scheme as has been proven in NSW and VIC since 2009. Jobs will be created for engineers, electricians, sales and customer service staff.

The Sunshine State is well placed to leapfrog into a world-class, low-risk scheme with proven legislative frameworks established in NSW, VIC, SA and ACT. Such a scheme can be up and running within 12 months. It can reach across the state and impact positively on reducing energy consumption and bills to even the most remote communities. This is no-brainer policy as residential, business and industrial customers are reeling with relentless energy price hikes.

“There can be something for all sectors. Energy savings schemes are very effective at targeting customers including low-income households, businesses and industrial sites. Proven, highly successful installation and upgrade activities supported by such schemes include LED Lighting - which can reduce electricity consumption by as much as 80 per cent, and air conditioning.

“The EECCA welcomes this announcement and we will continue to work with the QLD Government to progress the concept of a market-based scheme to best suit local needs. What is certain is that Australia now has a well-established energy savings industry that is continuing to be the driving force of energy efficiency market transformation. This is a very exciting time for QLD,” concluded Mr McGovern.

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Media please contact: Hamish McGovern, EECCA President, m 0416 296 827, Ric Brazzale EECCA Policy Sub-committee, m 0419 522 659 or Jessica Lynch, EECCA Communications, m 0417 539 377, comns@eecca.org.au. Website www.eecca.org.au

More information:

Pathways to a clean growth economy – Queensland’s Climate Transition Strategy, Department or Environment and Heritage Protection, QLD Government, 11 July 2017.


Report Excerpt: (p17-18)

Response 1: Facilitate the zero emissions industries of the future

Innovation and investment utilising new technology are essential for the development and expansion of low and zero emissions industries. Growth in low and zero emissions technology industries and enterprises in Queensland presents a major opportunity for business, industry and communities across the state. The government has an important role to play as a facilitator for this investment and innovation.

The Queensland Government is helping local companies, entrepreneurs and startups to bring innovative new renewable technology ideas to the global marketplace. Advance Queensland programs like Ignite Ideas, Innovation Partnerships, the Business Development Fund and the Advancing Regional Innovation Program can help create a new zero emission industry sector in Queensland that will power economic growth and create the knowledge-based jobs of the future.

Platform technologies, in particular, provide a significant opportunity in this space. Platform technologies are used as a base upon which other applications, processes or technologies are developed. The Advance Queensland Platform Technology Program provides opportunities for collaborative partnerships that accelerate the development and deployment of significant industry- based ‘game changing’ platform technology projects with the potential for multiple industry application.

 In addition to the work Queensland has already done to develop a strong platform of high impact, no regrets action, the Government will:

  • Develop and implement a Queensland Demand Management and Energy Efficiency Strategy to complement the 50% renewable energy target. The strategy will include a mix of mechanisms tailored to achieving a state-wide energy efficiency goal. To determine an appropriate mix of measures, the Government will explore energy efficiency opportunities in Queensland and the potential to establish an energy efficiency obligation scheme.
  • Develop a program to work with Queensland small-medium enterprises to take up energy efficiency measures and other sustainability initiatives that improve climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  • Build on the CarbonPlus Fund, established in December 2016, to support landholders undertake carbon farming activities with social, economic and environmental co-benefits. The Government will address regulatory and administrative gaps; support research; engage with landholders on carbon farming opportunities; and investigate opportunities for investment in the revegetation and remediation of land under state control such as abandoned mine sites, unallocated state land, protected areas and forest reserves.
  • Develop an action plan to support liquid fuel users switch to sustainable, low carbon biofuels, particularly where electrification may be difficult, such as in the aviation, maritime, freight, mining and agricultural sectors.

QLD Govt media release: http://statements.qld.gov.au/Statement/2017/7/11/queensland-to-become-leader-in-clean-growth-economy




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