EECCA new President and Board announced at AGM: membership up 25% - 15 Nov 2016

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Hamish McGovern, Managing Director of Wattly - a leading energy efficiency certificate creator in Australia, yesterday 14 November 2016 was nominated for the role of President of the Energy Efficiency Certificate Creators Association (EECCA) at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in Sydney. Hamish takes over from Bruce Easton, Chief Executive Officer of Ecovantage, who had nominated to step down. Bruce held the position since the inception of the group in 2009 and steered the EECCA to become a peak national body influencing legislation, policy, regulations and compliance in the white (energy efficiency) certificate space. Bruce’s visionary contribution and relentless dedication was commended by the Board.

Also at the AGM, the Board was expanded from eight to eleven members, demonstrating the strategic impetus that industry leaders are prepared to exert on the critical work that the EECCA is instigating to expand, extend and harmonise market-based schemes across Australia. New board members include: Stuart Edgley, Managing Director - Emerald Planet, Chris Mardon, Founder - Energy Mad, and Rod Woolley, Head of Regulatory and Compliance - LEDified. These three companies are leading technology and product innovators whose products are marketed around the world. 

As well, EECCA membership has increased 25 per cent in the past 12 twelve months. “The EECCA has come of age in tandem with white certificate schemes and the determination with which market leaders are on-boarding is a trumpet call to Australian governments. With the right market mechanisms provided by governments, Australian industry has the capacity to deliver on more ambitious targets to reduce energy demand, greenhouse gas emissions and customer bills,” said incoming EECCA President Hamish McGovern.

“I am dedicated to working with all key stakeholders on behalf of EECCA members to educate and shift the mindset of policy makers to accelerate the uptake of energy efficiency activities via current and prospective schemes across Australia. With Australia’s challenging emission reduction targets, energy efficiency will have to play a much greater, critical role. Industry has the technology and innovation. Governments need to further develop policies, including energy productivity, which incorporate and mobilise proven policy mechanisms. The current energy efficiency schemes are the proven mechanisms which address barriers to uptake,” said Mr McGovern.

EECCA Members - Corporate: Easy Being Green*, Ecovantage, Emerald Planet, Energy Mad*, Energy Makeovers, Green Energy Trading, Greenbank Environmental, LEDified*, Maxee Innovations, National Carbon Bank of Australia, Out Performers, Shine On, The Green Guys Group, Wattly. Associate: Auspro Group*, Cyanergy*, Energy Conservation*, Green Connection Group, Ozwide Group, Say Green. Ordinary: Energy & Management Services (* New members in the past twelve months). EECCA Board: President - Hamish McGovern; Vice President - Jo Hoatson, Treasurer - Rice Brazzale; Secretary - Ben Henderson; General Members: Bryn Dellar, Bruce Easton, Stuart Edgley, Chris Mardon, Mark Ploenges, Andrew Williamson, Rod Woolley.

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Media please contact: Hamish McGovern, EECCA President, 0416 296 827, Ric Brazzale EECCA Board member, 0419 522 659 or Jessica Lynch EECCA 0417 539 377



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