MAC Energy Efficiency Group

MAC Energy Efficiency Group

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MAC Energy Efficiency Group is an independent compliance and quality assurance provider that works under the New South Wales Energy Savings Scheme, Victorian Energy Efficiency Target, Australian Capital Territory Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme and South Australian Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme.

MAC works with regulators and businesses that have obligations or contracts relating to these state-based energy savings schemes. MAC delivers best practice compliance recommendations including installer/staff training, consulting services and activity and field auditing services so that clients can achieve 100 per cent compliance ratings on their activities.

A founding principle of MAC is that the core training and compliance of participants are critical to the success of any energy efficiency program. The team at MAC has accrued over ten years of experience working in energy reduction programs. MAC possesses a broad range of knowledge and expertise in all facets of energy efficiency programs including developing retailer compliance strategies, contractor management, field auditing and training delivery to achieve best practice compliance.

MAC Energy Efficiency Group is an Associate Member the Energy Efficiency Council.

Level 1, 68 Oxford Street, Collingwood VIC 3066

Tel 1300 020 381

The ESIA representative is: Merrily Hunter, Managing Director, MAC Energy Efficiency Group.

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