Greenbank Environmental

Greenbank Environmental

Associate Member

Greenbank Environmental (Greenbank) is an Accredited Person under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target, an Accredited Certificate Provider under the New South Wales Energy Savings Scheme, and a Scheme Participant under the Commonwealth Emissions Reduction Fund.

Greenbank has been creating and trading energy efficiency certificates, carbon credits and renewable energy certificates since 2002. The company has been busy behind the scenes, pioneering and developing innovative solutions to assist industry as it strives towards a carbon neutral future.

Greenbank has been involved in energy and sustainability for decades. The company is committed to corporate social responsibility including partnering with Trust for Nature to protect habitat for Australian coastal and wetland birds.

Greenbank is an associate member of the Energy Efficiency Council and is a Fluorocycle Advocate Signatory.

5 Walkers Road, Nunawading VIC 3131
Tel 1300 473 362

The ESIA representative is: Ria Redmond, Greenbank Environmental.

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